About Us

Playa Bowls is a business that instills pride in handcrafting every playa bowl with the freshest, quality ingredients. #gobowlsdeep

The Playa Bowls concept is the vision of founders Rob Giuliani and Abby Taylor. Both Jersey Shore natives and long time surfers, Abby and Rob were inspired by chasing summer on surf trips to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, California, Hawaii, Nicaragua and Panama. Almost every exotic surf town they visited offered their own version of an Acai or Pitaya bowl. It was the perfect meal after a long surf that didn’t make you feel weighed down. The nutrients give you a natural energy boost and they were instantly hooked on the flavors of these super fruits

When they returned they were inspired and knew they had to share their love for Acai with the masses at the Jersey Shore. At first Abby blended up her favorite bowl combinations for family and friends but Rob persuaded her to think bigger. They decided to open up a pop up stand on 8th Avenue in Belmar in front of the pizza shop they lived above. With extension cords running out of the apartment, two blenders, a fridge and a patio table, Playa Bowls was born. 

They started with a  small menu of just Acai bowls and a few smoothies that included the Dolce Smoothie named after their chocolate lab that frequented the stand daily. They spent long days handing out flyers on the beach and explaining the surf culture and benefits of Acai to beach goers (occasionally taking surf breaks of course!) As word spread of the unique concept and the cool beachy vibe the couple created, lines grew and they knew that they needed more space. They moved into Belmar fitness, a gym that was sitting vacant due to its destruction from superstorm Sandy. They worked night and day to open that location in 21 days  and opened on July 4th with a line that seemed to never end. This location would become their flagship store and the start of an exploding business built on hard work and an insanely cool brand that people love! 

Our Squad

Founding Partner

Robert Giuliani

Founding Partner, Surfer, and Entrepreneur, Rob is the cofounder and main front end operator of all Playa Bowls locations. Rob also grew up surfing along the NJ shore his entire life which inspired him to cofound Playa Bowls. Under Rob’s leadership in operating and acquiring new retail storefronts, the company has grown with lightening speed. Rob has a military and  construction background which gave him the discipline and knowledge needed to take the company to the next level. His ability to lay out any space thrown his way  is what gives Playa Bowls the tools to quickly buildout stores. Rob also has a background in medical device sales. His sales experience in a difficult industry gives him a competitive business advantage. His dedication and work ethic have driven the rapid growth of the company.

Founding Partner

Abby Taylor

Founding Partner, Surfer, Artist Abby is the cofounder and creative genius behind the Playa Bowls brand. Her creativity has spawned a cult following of teenage girls that rave about Playa Bowls. Abby has created everything visually for the brand from the hand painted art, apparel, interior design, and hand drawn chalk boards. She is constantly coming up with new ideas for store interiors and fresh marketing to keep the brand strong and keep the customers in awe. Abby has created all the unique recipes and perfect combinations on the menu which customers love.  Abby grew up surfing along the New Jersey shore and has done a lot of traveling which was the main inspiration for  the Playa Bowls concept. Her style and detail oriented authenticity exudes in the Playa Bowls brand which customers appreciate and love.



Brenna is our first employee of all time! She spent her days blending bowls at the stand side by side with Rob and Abby and believed in the vision since day one (literally). Brenna had years of restaurant experience and was a rockstar since day one. Brenna has moved up in the ranks with ease as she went from store manager  to overseeing new store openings while keeping an eye on the quality control of the entire company. You can find Brenna at any of the Playa Bowls locations, training new staff, and taking care of any issues that come our way while sharing the passion and story of our roots with a proud smile on her face. At this point, she is family.



Danielle is the General Manager of our entire operation and has been with us for 2 years . She fits in perfectly at Playa with her cool boho style and big smile. Danielle has a strong background as a seasoned multi unit restaurant operator with an expertise in staffing, ordering and product consistency. She has grown to be one of the most important people in our expansion and has used  her prior experience to catapult this company from 0-100 with us.We are lucky to have this organized and detail oriented Playa babe in Pineappleland!



Gary Joined Playa Bowls in Dec 2016 and is the guy behind the scenes who has really been a key player here at Playa Bowls. You can usually find him on his phone pacing by any of the Playa locations making shit happen! He  has 25+ years of business development  experience (He’s kinda the adult of the company)  with expertise in real estate, scalability, finance and contract negotiation.  Additionally he has also taken the reins of new franchisee communications which has helped us catapult our unprecedented  growth, while seamlessly helping to grow the support structure.  Gary is also a  fellow entrepreneur who’s passion for Playa Bowls is evident 24/7, and is a huge reasons why he has been so successful in Playa land.


Dolce worked the stand for the first two summers. She was usually napping under the menu boards covered in Acai or enjoying pizza crusts under any of the tables by the stand. She believed in the vision and lived for those long summer days. That was the best time of her life. She is now retired and has upgraded from a small ripped dog bed to a large bean bag chair with a lifelong supply of bones and chew toys.


Piña is the newest fur addition to Playa Bowls but an instant favorite. She has become pretty famous on instagram and can be seen on the Playa Page pretty frequently. She spends her time running laps on the beach and dodging puperazzi while maintaining her cool laid back style portrayed on social media